Yoshua Bengio

Post by Saul Shanabrook

I took notes during a recent talk at UMass. I present them here in the first person, from Bengio's point of view. I will write up some thoughts I had in another post. You should go check out the Deep Learning book, which is free online. It is meant as…

Tests, Docs, and Deploys for Clojure

Post by Saul Shanabrook

travis, clojure

This semester, I have been working on the Clojush codebase, which is written in Clojure. I want to make it easier for new people to jump in and use it and start contributing. Here I will go through how I added auto generated API docs and auto deploys to Clojars.…

Django 1.9 Mysterious Test Failure

Post by Saul Shanabrook


This morning, I have been trying to upgrade my django-dumper library to work with Django 1.9. It started off pretty painlessly, but when I ran the tests I saw that one test case was failing. class NoModelTest(TestCase): model = models.SimpleModel def setUp(self): self.c = Client() self.slug…

Testing Multiple Python Version with Docker on Travis CI

Post by Saul Shanabrook

docker, travis

Travis CI makes it super easy to use Docker [Compose] in your tests. In a recent Django library I was working on, however, I wanted to test on multiple Python versions, but use Docker. Normally, to test on Python versions in Travis you can do python: - 2.7 -…

Access PG in Docker from a GUI

Post by Saul Shanabrook


Update: Since changing from links to Docker Compose's new networking, the command would be: docker run -it -p 5432:5432 --rm --net=djangodiet_ verb/socat:alpine TCP-LISTEN:5432 TCP:djangodiet_db_1:5432. I was recently trying to debug the state of my Django database, which was running in a…

NPM & Docker: Sharing volumes

Post by Saul Shanabrook

nodejs, docker

Update: This is probably a better idea, though I haven't tried it. Many different people have had trouble working with node and Docker. The basic issue is this. I want to run npm install in my Dockerfile so that when I do a docker run ... it doesn't have to reinstall…

Time as State

Post by Saul Shanabrook


Recently, I have been working on a stage lighting control system built with web technologies. In the front end, I have been enjoying Cerebral to work as my controller. I recommend you refer to it's website for an introduction to how it works, if you are unfamiliar with it. On…

Cerebral with JSON Schema

Post by Saul Shanabrook

cerebral, json-schema

Problem For this stage lighting control system I am making, I send my whole state back and forth from client to server on every update. This might seem insane, but it makes sense for my use case. In this great talk on Falcor, Jafar Husain says something like "What we…

Organizing Cerebral Code

Post by Saul Shanabrook

cerebral, react

Problem I really am enjoying using Cerebral, with Baobab and React. However, my project was getting a bit big, so when I added a new feature I would have to reach out into these separate parts of my code base to add the different parts of that feature. Like if…

Bootswatch in Webpack

Post by Saul Shanabrook


If you are trying to figure out how to best use Bootswatch with webpack, I think I have it down. Some other people have also struggled with getting it to work. It isn't as simple as just importing the css file from the npm installed package, because the relative paths…