Man Club

Post by Saul Shanabrook

I am in the process of trying to start some sort of club for dudes at

The idea is to have some place to talk about the perspective of growing
up as a male in my culture. The idea comes from my own process trying to
synthesize various articles I have read about the issue of gender. Many
are first person accounts of assault or rape, others are takes on issues
like Miley Cyrus twerking or Blurred Lines.

I have appreciated reading all of these other points of view, but they
have not left me with a cohesive sense of how to apply any empathetic
understanding I have gained to my own life.

I am blogging about this so I can get some of my ideas for the club down
on paper.

A friend just recommended I look at ManKind
for some ideas.

A teacher actually suggested the idea of starting this club to me,
suggesting that we could look at some media and then discuss, because
reading an article or watching a clip gives people a place to start a

My plan is to get things rolling third trimester. Feel free to comment
with any feedback.

Some articles I have read in the past on this issues: