Searching for GP

Post by Saul Shanabrook

I am thoroughly enjoying the Genetic Programming class I am taking at
Hampshire College. So much so, that I am looking to continue with
genetic programming, wherever I happen to end up next year in college.
My professor, Lee Spector, has been doing research into GP for the past
couple of decades and has a deep understanding of the field, so I fear
that wherever else I will go will pale in comparison.

Anyway, since I don’t feel like going to bed right now, I found someone
who has cataloged every GP published paper (or most of them anyway) and
made them available for download on his

I wrote a script that
prints the top 50 most prolific authors, I also annotated the

with the institution each author belongs too. That way I could tell if
any of the universities I had applied to contained leaders in the field
of genetic programming.