Saul Shanabrook standing next to Adam's Donuts in Greenfield, MA

Saul Shanabrook a human being. He is most often in Amherst, MA, but is moving soon to Austin, TX where he will be working on JupyterLab at Quansight. where he is just chilling after graduating this past December. His future location is uncertain.

Online presence

You can find the digital artifacts he creates distributed accross a variety of online platforms:
A collection of half thought through ideas and scribbles of code.
Sometimes his music scrobbling apps work and inform the world what he is listening to.
Long form writing about society, life, and coding. He is open to feedback on it.
Is this a neccesary communication platform for him? It's unclear if the joyless addiction is worth the information and connection.
It's not worth it.

Current tasks

  1. 2018.01.29: Possibly write a paper for GECCO about using survival analysis to understand GP performance.
  2. 2018.01.24: Get JVM profiling working for Clojush, so that we can make things FAST!
  3. 2018.01.24: Create short video interviews about the upcoming vote in Amherst on whether to keep town meeting.
    1. Gabor Luk√°cs on Town Meeting and Community
  4. 2017.10.23: Make this site sEcUrE (https) and fast (http2/caching). Also add some analytics with open source stuff.